Surf Art


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3 thoughts on “Surf Art

  1. wild bill osgood here, interested in”Isla de Mirage’ its my home you see, wife, house, secret surf, and thats a Philippina mermaid, I live there AND Hawaii.
    Been there done that, much, much, more than most: I know the surf art world well: aloha…

    • Hi Wild Bill,
      Sorry for the delay, I need to check this site more often! Please contact Steve McKibben at his gallery, he is representing my fine art including my prints and gallery shows. He can quote you a price on any image you are interested in.
      Thank-you for support, my family and I appreciate your investment.

      Best Regards,

      Rick Rietveld

  2. pedro

    Rick Rietveld in 2005 got a tattoo of 2 Hawaiian tikis that was stamped in a bermuda your brand !! I do not know if you remember but in total were 3 tikis … I chose the two designs that I liked and made a new design in my left leg with two tikis. In 2009 I started playing poker professionally and met a kid my city that tattooed by coincidence the other tiki that was in shorts in their coast. This boy already earned more than 2 million dollars in prizes playing online and I faturei also, however much less. You think I should tattoo tiki does he have? You know if you have any tikis relationship with prosperity or money? lol … I’m thinking that may have something to do it al …

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