“Al” Einstein on Vacation


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4 thoughts on ““Al” Einstein on Vacation

  1. I was recently in Maui and bought my husband a t-shirt with this design. Brought it home and it was too small. Can you please tell me where I might be able to purchase a shirt online with this design.

  2. ryan schnirel

    Hello Rick,

    My name is Ryan Schnirel and we recently made an “Al” print apart of our lives. It may seem odd, but I must ask more about this piece. “Al” resembles my father, almost to a point beyond surreal. I would usually dismiss this as coincidence, but a detail in the print makes me wonder.

    I would love to learn more about this piece. Did you have a model or person you saw on the islands that helped inspire your redition of Albert?

    Thank you for the print. Our father loves his alternate universe self.

    Keep Making,


    • Hi Ryan, Thank you for your inquiry, the inspiration and reference for this piece is Albert Einstein, I named it Al as he looks more like an Al than Albert in his Aloha shirt. Alohas, Rick

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